Cartier Replica Introduces the Gold Marquetry Panther

The recurring theme of Cartier Replica industry is Métiers d’Art, which uses traditional decoration techniques on the dial and sometimes even on the case for delicate and complex decoration.

Decorated with straw and golden Métiers d’Art straw and the unusual inlay technique of Fake Cartier Gold Marquetry Panther, it is a 42mm large model for men, while the smaller 36mm model has enamel filigree, the enamel is stretched into bamboo shoots and fixed with gold thread On the dial.

In addition to the impressive craftsmanship, these Replica UK watches are not bad. Large models in particular have rich colors, complexity and depth, which are attributed to the different textures and surface treatments of the materials.

The abstract style of the leopard head is the most interesting quality of the Cartier Replica watch. The panther head composed of seemingly random geometric shapes and chaotic colors still blends perfectly together.

The inlay technique has a history of about two thousand years and is usually made of wood and stone. Here, the elements of the pattern are straw and gold.