Closer Look At The New Cartier Tank Must Replica Watches

The watch industry surprised us with some unexpected releases. Cartier has been committed to relaunching 1:1 replica Must de Cartier. However, if you are looking forward to the old gilded design, you may be disappointed.

The new Cartier Tank Must has many faces, and the basic model is far from the retro model. This is a new thing in a very familiar package. At first glance, this seems to be the perfect combination. But is it?

Cartier’s most iconic line

Given that the AAA Swiss Cartier Tank replica series is the most iconic product of the brand, it is inevitable that the French brand will slowly relaunch its traditional styles. Over the years, how many exquisite works Cartier has designed has shocked me.

Different variants such as Cintrée, Solo, Asymétrique, Américaine, Louis Cartier, MC and finally Française are forming the current series. Every year, Cartier fans will discuss how Cartier might update Must again.

The gold-plated sterling silver case and the shape of the edges make it stand out. Since the retro Must aims to be an affordable Tank, the discussion surrounding the new version is intense. Should Perfect Cartier grade 1 replica watch reintroduce its traditional model?

Re-interpreting the Tank Must

Must de Cartier has seen several dial changes throughout the journey, but in this case, I will focus on the first model in 1977. The case is indeed similar to a vintage Must.

The two vertical sidebars with rounder edges remain the same. The same is true for the dial. Minutes, Roman numerals, and of course the iconic Exact Cartier replica watches sword-shaped hands, all embody the latest concepts. In addition, the quartz movement is the common denominator of the two models.

Nevertheless, it has more significant changes than similarities. First, the gold-plated case was replaced with a stainless steel case measuring 33.7×25.5×6.60 mm. Next, the ivory dial and Must de Cartier logo were forgotten.

Therefore, I think this is a new variant of Tank Solo, not a tribute to Must de Cartier swiss movement replica watches. But perhaps, merging the two traditional models into a new package is a deliberate action.