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Music repeater, repeater, music (MusicalWatch) can issue a melodic chime of the clock or watch every hour, similar Fake Rolex Store to the sound principles of his music box, which is usually located above a pre-designed device Disk bumps circular or cylinder with a plurality of oscillating reeds slip brushed dots to type music, like ultra-small percussion precise operation.
If the jump vaulting table (JumpHour) on the surface of the small window showing 12 hours of each hour, each minute after 60 minutes, the small window to display the next number.
The principle is the traditional pointer change to be able to rotate a digital disk, digital disk by running to show different times.
The display mode can be hopping table into two categories: one is the only time in the form of a digital window, the other is the hour, minutes, or even seconds, are used in the form of a digital window.
Break chronograph stopwatch that has two chronograph hand, in the stopped state, which is the overlapping of two seconds.
With its two-seconds chronograph second root, the common seconds chronograph central chronograph hand adds a feature.
Start synchronization rolex replica watches  device, so that the overlapping of two seconds of the chronograph hand started simultaneously.
Press the button split-seconds can make the appropriate second hand stopped midway, and at the same time the basic chronograph hand continues to turn.
Press again the same button to immediately catch the needle pointer chronograph, both can continue to rotate simultaneously.
This well-designed system allows intermediate pointer display needle any time without affecting the second hand of the chronograph normally.
After this means that people can be mechanically and accurate records of the first branch of the omega replica watches second branch of the second hand stops when the second hand to stop the elapsed time.
The hardness (hardness) Hardness (hardness), geological hardness scale (Mohs hardness standard), when the hardness of identification, if not more than the Mohs hardness, can be replaced by something else, such as a hardness knife is approximately 5.5, the copper is about 3.5 to 4; fake watches nails 2-3; plaster hardness glass 6MohsHardnessScale Level 1. 2. 3. talc quality calcite fluorite Level 4. Level 5. Level 6. feldspar quartz quality apatite 7. Grade 8. quality Topaz 10. Grade 9 corundum diamond (ie diamond)
Coaxial coaxial escapement exhaust (CO-AXIAL) George Daniels (G.DANIELS) Dr exhaust through fake rolex watches  a further development of the invention 15, the starting point is the exhaust to escape wheel Friction between the vertical direction is parallel to the direction of the fork, so that the traditional mechanical friction oil change wash 3 to -5 annual maintenance increased to ten years.
And because the basic conditions for the realization of the adjustment of the pendulum escapement wheel coaxial screw and spring free, so make coaxial escapement movement can easily get the Observatory certification, when to take accurate.
(Crystal) Crystal is a colorless and transparent wide quartz minerals.
Chemical formula SiO2.
Pure colorless transparent crystal quartz variant.
Chemical composition containing Si-46.7% – 53.3% O.
Because it contains various mechanical mixing or mixing and showed a variety of watches colors.
Purple and green is composed of iron (Fe2 +) ion-purple color induced also be titanium (Ti 4+) due to a different color of the color center because of the color.
Contains sand, fragmented goethite, hematite, rutile, magnetite, garnet, chlorite inclusions in the crystal; crystal containing visible in the mineral inclusions needle-like formation hair.
Manganese and iron were called amethyst; iron person (lemon yellow or gold) called citrine; manganese and titanium with rose quartz Rose who said; who said crystal smoke cigarettes who said citrine brown; transparent black who called smoky quartz, those pale green stone called bone.
Arbor Arbor Arbor Axis spindle shaft axis: the structure of the axle move operation (axle) is the shaft (axis, spindle), but for the good of the area, respectively, driving the balance ( ) called the staff (the tree), and called on the lever (cowboys) on the shaft (mandrel).
Setting up pin brooch V-shaped V-shaped is a technology watch unit, the operation follows a specific structure diagram
A pearl pearl known as “mermaid tears.”
“Shark” and what we now call “The Little Mermaid”.
Bright pearl aspire delicate, soft, bright but not dazzling, it has always been a symbol of elegant.
Precious pearl, because it is difficult to find.
Natural pearls are formed, the first is a small sea sand or other substances inadvertently fall into the shell of crustaceans and shellfish are stimulated to secrete their own these small sand layers include, after many years crustaceans livestock before the formation of a pearl.
Furthermore, mussels is very delicate, like water temperature 24-29 ° C, replica watches cooled to 11 degrees Celsius will die.
Thus, the pearl on the “scarcity value” of.
However, the market is less and less natural pearls, cultured pearls to generate the price is relatively cheap.