Luxury Cartier Replica Introduces the Santos de Cartier ADLC

Luxury Cartier Replica ADLC is a nanocomposite coating with diamond-like properties, including high corrosion resistance and scratch resistance, which improves the robustness of the case. However, as with all paints, if the underlying material is dented or deeply scratched, it may come off.

Just like the skull ADLC “octagonal star”, Santos ADLC is only suitable for the largest LM case. The Cartier Replica Watches case has a surface of 47.5 mm x 39.8 mm and a height of 9.38 mm. It is a large but relatively thin watch. It is available in two versions: all black ADLC coated steel or two-color steel with ADLC frame.

The Fake Cartier stainless steel model has a dark gray dial that matches the shade of the ADLC coating on the bezel. Although the dial is monochromatic, it appears to be two tones due to the surface treatment-the inner dial is vertically brushed to echo the decoration on the bezel, which is close to the radially brushed chapter ring.

The stainless steel replica watch is equipped with a real stainless steel bracelet, the bracelet and link have a quick release mechanism, and the all black ADLC version bracelet is equipped with a matte black alligator leather strap.